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The Belief Of The Soul Essay

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The Belief of the Soul in Judaism and Christianity
For centuries great philosophers and Church Fathers have influenced our view on the human soul; Plato in the Phaedo, Aristotle in the De Anima. Fast forward to modern society, soul is often referred to as deep human emotion or nature such as in soul music or soul food. However despite this coined definition somewhat relating to the true essence of the soul, there is a much more deeper and richer understanding from the viewpoint of religions. Despite Christianity being a religion stemming from Judaism, and establishing their own views and doctrines, there are evident similarities regarding the human soul.
Everything in this world would have had to come into existence at some point in time, including the human soul. In Judaism, it is believed that G-d gave man the breath of life, that is the soul. “Then shall the aphar [dust] return to ha’aretz [land] as it was; and the ruach [spirit] shall return unto HaElohim [G-d] who gave it” (Orthodox Jewish Bible, Kohelet 12:7). This passage speaks of when humans die, his or her soul will return to its origin. Therefore, denotes that the origin of the soul is from G-d when he breathed into their nostrils during the six days of creation. Similarly in Christianity, it is believed that during the creation of the world, on the sixth day, God breathed into lifeless matter and it became alive. Therefore Christians believe that the soul was created through God’s breath upon conception. “[T]hen the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living being.” (New Revised Standard Version, Gen. 2:7). A body alone cannot fully carry out the potential of human life since the soul ...

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... enjoy the rewards they had earned through their conduct in the course of their lives, and the wicked would receive appropriate punishments” (Arkush 1). It is believed that every wrong deed one does creates “an angel of destruction” and is punished by said demons (Rich). Therefore the Jews too believe that whatever one does in his or her lifetime does indeed have effect on one’s own soul in the afterlife.
The soul is a complex entity in itself, though intangible is a whole essence of our being. In both Jewish and Christian scripture the origin of the soul is divine and the fate of the soul is eternal. Perhaps it is the mystical origin that has left questions regarding the human soul. Maybe we are filling our cups of religion with faith based on preference. Or simply, the beliefs of the individuals create divisions despite everything solely alluding to the same truth.

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