Being A Woman Is Defined? Essay

Being A Woman Is Defined? Essay

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Being a woman is defined in opposition to a man. So being a woman becomes living up to other people’s expectations. This mean they have to have successful careers, be married, be mothers, and be involved in their communities. Some people say that gender is being male or female. Gender should not be defined or determine who you are because it should not be determined by your biological gender, how one presents themselves and their behavior, and their internal sense of self male, female, both or neither. Rather it should be determined by the person themselves. Your gender should not be based on how people perceive it but it should be how you see yourself.
“Biological gender is the physical attributes: external genitalia, sex chromosomes, gonads, sex hormones, and internal reproductive structures” (Understanding Gender). Some people are born as males but that is not who they want to be. They should be able to choose their gender and not be defined as a male just because of their biological gender. If a male wants to do female things they should be allowed. They should be allowed to dress how they want. The same goes for a biological female. They should be able to do and wear whatever they want and it should not be determined by their gender. Your biological gender should not determine who you are. The person themselves should be able to pick who they want to be.
In my experience, I am a woman who grew up with an older brother and older cousins who are all male. I always wanted to do what they were doing. Since I have been surrounded by men my whole life I tend to do things differently than a typical women. Most woman like to wear dresses, go shopping, and do their makeup. Instead, I like to hunt, fish, and play sports. I have never ...

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... jobs that not very men can do. Those include nursing, cleaning jobs, and social work. This can relate back to I Want a Wife where it shows that women are supposed to clean the house and take care of the family. Also, women are treated differently than men. Women are more often abused physically, mentally, and sexually. I read a quote on twitter, “Because what men fear most about going to prison is what women fear most about walking down the sidewalk” (#YesAllWomen). This shows that women are treated differently, because they are afraid of rape in their everyday life when men are only afraid of it when they have to go to prison.
Therefore, gender should not be defined or determine who you are because it should not be determined by your biological gender, how one presents themselves and their behavior, and their internal sense of self male, female, both or neither.

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