Being A Poet Is Not An Easy Thing Essay

Being A Poet Is Not An Easy Thing Essay

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Being a poet is not an easy thing. Well at least not without experience. I have discovered this after writing a poem modeled after Langton Hughes poem, “Theme for English B”. I chose to model my poem after Hughes poem for two reasons. One reason being that the assignment required that my poem be modeled after this specific poem and the other reason is what better way to write an original personal poem for an assignment then by modeling it after someone who did the same thing.
Hughes poem is about himself; his likes, his day to day life, and his struggles. I modeled more of the theme than the form because I don’t believe that there is a set form of the poem, as it is written in free verse. The poet is writing in a stream of consciousness, or he just made it seem that way. So in terms of my poem form, I did the same; I just wrote my thoughts down as they came to me. The theme that I followed is the theme of identity. Like Langston, I wrote about myself and my continuous journey of discovering my identity. I thought that writing about myself would be easy since it doesn 't require me having to analyze or do any research on myself, I am the main source along with Langston 's verse. Writing this kind of poem is great for the audience as they are able to get into the poet 's mind, and see their thoughts.
Upon initially reading this poem and the assignment requirements, I was confused as to how I was supposed to model my poem after Langston when his writing was about himself and I had to make mine about me. It seemed simple at first but the more I thought about it, the harder it seemed. I didn’t understand how I was supposed to model my poem after a poem about someone else, however, I knew I had to do it, so I just dug deep and wrote ...

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... my poem, this is my original creation. As long as I follow the general theme and the free verse form, then that should suffice. Since the poem was written in free verse and didn’t have a set form, I went about recreating the form in a different way. I followed the visual form of the poem. I made my poem forty one lines and around three hundred words. I had a difficult time writing about myself as I have limited poem writing experience. I also don’t think about who I am, and I don’t question my existence.
However, despite the difficulties this was a beneficial writing experience. When reading a poem I often think that anybody can write a poem, but I now realize that its true that anyone who can write can write a poem, but not easily, and not without a passion for what you write. Once you are in a poets shoes you gain more appreciation for poets and their creations.

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