Becoming A Change : Jack Halberstam Essay

Becoming A Change : Jack Halberstam Essay

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Become the Change You Want to See
Jack Halberstam is a transgender man, English professor, queer author, and alumni from UC Berkeley. He is known for being a gender/queer theorist who challenges the role of gender masculinity. Jack Halberstam ,once known as Judith, was invited as a guest speaker for the class of 2013 of UC Berkeley’s Department of Women and Gender Studies.Halberstam’s overall audience for this speech is Berkeley 's Department of Women and Gender Studies, people who are interested in gender issues, and the LGBT community. Mr. Halberstam is currently an English Professor and Director of the Center for Feminist Research at the University of Southern California.
Mr. Halberstam advises his audience to “to take a new route, to think differently and to move forward with rather than ahead of others”. These life lessons of the future can be also found in Dreamworks animated film ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ Reality is much like the world Hiccup (main character and son of a masculine Viking) lives in ‘How To Train Your Dragon’. He is a part of a Scottish Viking village where they are attacked by various dragons and the villagers are raised to kill them for defense. Hiccup is a young, intelligent, caring boy who would rather protect the dragons unlike his masculine Viking father. The young boy is seen as an outcast by his community and a disappointment by his father because he disobeys the typical masculinity of a male. Hiccup forms a close bond with an injured dragon and names it “Toothless”. Instead of Toothless and Hiccup competing and fighting against each other, they both grow through one another 's struggles, lessons, and trainings. Halberstam analyzes that once able to befriend your enemy in this case a dragon, you ...

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...e’s path to their destination. In life if we move ahead of others we will do so temporarily but first we must learn from our mistakes because this is the only way we will be able to move forward with our peers. Learning from these high school experiences and incorporating Halberstam’s messages in my life, I will continue to learn from my mistakes and move forward with my peers in college. These techniques will help me succeed in college because I will be responsible of my faults and to learn from my classmates will allow me to teach others in return. Halberstam expresses this advice in his commencement speech for UC Berkeley 's graduates of the Department of Women and Gender Studies. That in order to be like we must be whom we truly are and be supportive towards each other by not competing against one another, and by that we will eventually see the change in people.

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