Persuasive Essay On The SAT

Rejection. A word that I despise; and is something that has happened to me so many times in so many different ways. One of those ways was being rejected from one of my many college choices because my SAT scores did not reach their requirements. “Why apply?” you may ask, although my SAT scores did not meet their requirements, everything else on my application was perfect. I had great grades in high school, I volunteered many times; both inside and outside of school, I always helped around in my school administration whenever help was needed, and I always dedicated a month of my summer just to help my school give out the school books to students and sell the school uniforms. Doing all those things and being rejected made me feel like I was nothing; like what I did in my school life was all a waste. After taking all of those things into consideration, I still got rejected because of my SAT scores; which is why I genuinely believe that colleges should admit students using criteria other than their SAT scores.

“The world might improve if we deliberately and systematically selected students not only for their knowledge and analytical skills, but also for their creative and practical skills – and their wisdom.” (Sternberg, 2010). This quote is something that I truly and deeply
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Creative, analytical, and practical skills are the kinds of that should be used to decide whether or not applicants should be admitted to college, not if they are “book smart” and can memorize the book inside out then ace the test. Until the schools these days realize that these SAT scores will mean nothing in a few years’ time, then they would continue to reject people that could go very far with their skills. Never forget, “great schools don’t always produce great people.” (Sternberg,

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