Becca's Visit with Her Mom in the Hospital Essay

Becca's Visit with Her Mom in the Hospital Essay

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Nolan stood at the threshold as Becca stopped beside her mom's bed.

"Mom?" Becca whispered.

"Rebecca?" Aimee's voice came out in a scratchy murmur, her eyes shifted to Becca.

"Mom, I'm so glad that you're awake." Becca cried, she maneuvered around her mother's I.V's wrapping her arms around her. Becca pulled back from her mother, she pulled out the chair under the desk and took a seat then placed her hands over her mom's.

"Mom, how are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling better, now that you're here." She smiled weakly. Aimee kissed the top of Becca's head. Her eyes flashed to Nolan. He could feel her happiness radiate towards him.

The room door opened and Nolan turned, Dr. Brooks entered the room. The Doctor smiled at the ‘family’.

"Aimee, I'm glad to see you're up and talking." she said walking to the side of Aimee’s bed, she turned to Becca. "How are you dear? I can only imagine how difficult this must have been for you."

"I'm fine, when will my mom be released?" Becca asked.

"We just need to take a few more test," Dr. Brooks said, and turned to Aimee, "you’ll be able to leave by the end of the week."

"That's great news." Nolan said as stepped further into the room, he plopped down on the couch across from the hospital bed. Aimee gestured to her doctor; she leaned down to her ear.

Dr. Brooks glanced to Becca. "Becca would you come with me? Your mom wants a moment alone."

Becca glanced between her mom and Nolan. "Alright."

Once they left the room, the air fill with a thick, awkward silence that made Nolan’s skin crawl with goose bumps. He glanced to Aimee whose eyes were on him since the moment he stepped in. He wished that he could find something to say. To break into the conversation that’d been on his mind....

... middle of paper ...

... ocean.

“You’re not like other billionaires.” Becca said simply.

Nolan raised his brows, “What do you mean?”

“You’re not uptight. You act like a person.” She laughed, and looked at him, noticing his smirk.

“Well believe it or not, I’m not as widely welcomed amongst the Hampton community. They’ve hidden all their initiation cards to their inner circles.”

“Whenever we’d come to the beach, mom and I would make a bon fire, and cook s’mores. “ Becca laughed, “Mom’s terrible with a stove, her definition of cooked is when the food is charred black.”

“She’s not too good with a stove.” Nolan added, “she burned our Christmas dinner once, the entire apartment building was furious. Our neighbor offered to cook us dinner.”

At this, Becca laughed, since she’d visited her mom that afternoon she’d felt happier. Sitting here with Nolan and talking about her mom, it was nice.

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