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Pleasantville by Christie Ulloa SHOT - Setting In a world that is too good, any minor infractions committed are immediately punished. In hospital room 264, Emely witnesses and celebrates the death of a criminal. Int. scene - description Emely strolls into Saint Joseph’s Hospital with a smile on her face. She notices all the people around her. As she sees that all of the people are either missing limbs or are covered with white bandages, her smile grow larger. Nurse Welcome to Saint Joseph’s Hospital! How can I help, help, help you? Emely (happily) I;m here to visit my sister, Sarah Chavez! Nurse Chavez? What was her offense? It’ll be much easier to locate her. Emely Oh, no! No offense committed. She’s just having …show more content…

That way I could actually distinguish whether it’s 8 AM or 8 PM. Nurse (shocked) You want darkness! Why on earth would you want such a depressing thought in the air? Imagine if the sun actually went away? There’d be no sunshine all the time. Who would want this? They should be, well-well, they should be shot! A group of police officers and security guards turn their heads towards Emely and the nurse. Emely (smiling brightly at the group of onlookers) Of course that’s true. I was only joking. I just recently watched a horror movie about an alternate universe. It was scary. For twelve hours of the day, it was dark. People got away with saying rude things. They were allowed to do anything. There was an orderly in a hospital talking on his cell phone, and he didn’t even get his hand cut off! Anyways, this just reminded me of that movie. Nurse Well, next time keep in mind that jokes are supposed to bring more happiness. Now hurry along. A baby’s coming. Emely made her way towards room 264. On the way, she sees an actual orderly with his hand cut off. She smiles, knowing that justice was served when he was caught talking on the phone in the hospital. …show more content…

I like to believe that she’ll be going on to a better place. Emely (frustrated) What? No! You have to help her. She’s my sister. Doctor (serious) I’d watch the volume of your voice. You don’t want me to call security over to surgically remove your voice box, do you? Emely I apologize. I’m just really nervous. I shouldn’t have raised my voice, but I will turn myself in and take my punishment. Doctor It’s quite all right. I’m a good citizen, so I wont report you this time. Emely Thank you! So what exactly is wrong with Sarah? Doctor (chuckling) Well, she’s hemorrhaging. We can’t stop it. It almost looks like a marvelous red rainbow painting the sky. I’m quite certain that she will die on the table, but let’s try to think positive thoughts. After an indefinite amount of time, Sarah finally gives birth to a healthy baby boy. Sarah (to Emely) I’m so happy this is all over! I’m just sad that after all this work, I’m still not going to be a mother. Emely Sarah! You should be proud of yourself. That devil baby gave you a hemorrhage. At least we know now that he’s a criminal. Imagine the horrors he could do if he were allowed to grow up. Be grateful we found out early.

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  • Describes how emely witnesses and celebrates the death of a criminal in hospital room 264.
  • Describes how emely strolls into saint joseph's hospital with a smile on her face. she notices that all the people around her are missing limbs or are covered with white bandages.
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