Beauty Pageants and Girls´Self Confidence Essay example

Beauty Pageants and Girls´Self Confidence Essay example

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Ultimate Grand Supreme and Mini Supreme, does that sound over-the-top amazing? This is the title that everyone from 0-18 years old want. Parents are a big part of pageants because without them there wouldn’t be any contestants. Pageant environment is not good for children because it is stressful and there’s a lot of pressure. There is pressure to be perfect and pretty whenever the contestant is on stage. Some of the kids fail to do what they have to do on stage and when they don’t do it right it upsets them.”I felt awful for that girl. I reflexively gave her a sympathetic smile. She responded to my kindness with a dirty look and a combination grunt/whine.” says Tracie Morrissey when she witnessed a girl asking for her mother’s approval, but failed to do so. Children under the age of 18 should not be able to join beauty pageants because it is a bad environment and it sends the wrong message to girls.
Pageant parents believe that their children gains self-confidence from joining pageants. Different portions of the pageant will help them develop some skills they might need for the future. Dominic Donaldson said in his article, “For instance, the interview round can teach the participant about enunciation, voicing their opinions and general public speaking skills.”(Donaldson, Dominic "Toddlers in Tiaras - The Benefits of Child Beauty Pageants." ) Public speaking skills plays an important role in the professional world because the speaker’s way with words is how they are going to get clients or patients. When the speaker is confident about their opinion the audience will more likely listen and feel confident that they are making the right choice about whatever it is they are there for. The talent portion Donaldson says, “The talent po...

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