Toddlers and Tiaras

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When I hear the word toddler I think of little girls walking around in mommy’s shoes, and miss matched clothing (because she’s getting to the age where she likes to dress herself.) And of course a cute smile that’s missing a few teeth. The word glitz, glamour and sashes don’t come to mind. Nor does the image of a little girl who’s fake from head to toe. Wearing wigs, flippers (fake teeth), inappropriate /reveling attire and fake tans. I don’t think of little girls dancing around a stage in front of hundreds of people getting judged on their “beauty.” Well, that is exactly what children’s pageants consist of. Pageants exploit a child for their outer beauty, their talents and over all perfection or as pageant judges would call it having” the whole package.” I bet pedophiles think the same thing and find these pageants very entertaining. And most of all, I don’t want to see a mother trying to live out her dreams through her three-year-old child.

It’s pathetic how these parents live through their children. Every parent says they allow their child to decide if they want to compete. But these are the same parents who say their daughter has been in pageants since she was in diapers! So how did she voice her opinion then? I have been watching clips of the “Toddlers And Tiaras” and just about every mother says, “Yes I am very competitive I want to do good at everything I do!” Why is this when they aren’t the ones competing. Jordan’s (a child on Toddlers and Tiara’s) mother said “Yes I’m very competitive, when my daughters on stage she represents a product of me.” Or the one parent who said they see pageants as a great investment. How disgusting. Not only are these little girls exploited, but also it’s usually for the parents benefit. Ther...

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...urbing, wearing revealing outfits that resemble adult costumes makes the situation worse. These little girls are toddlers that are being treated and dressed up like adults. The parents go out of their way to make their young child look like a grown women. What are these parents going to do when their little girls start acting like adults? They are teaching them how to use sex appeal that’s a very dangerous thing to teach a child. They don’t fully understand about pedophiles and having grown men look at them little kids see this as attention. And every child loves attention. These young girls are giving pedophiles more of a desire to act on their impulses. Parents on the other hand do fully understand the dangers, but they don’t seem to be very concerned.

What has the world come to, how are toddlers are dressed and acting like adults and parents have no objection.
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