The Beauty Of Plastic Surgery Essay

The Beauty Of Plastic Surgery Essay

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In the world we live in, society somehow always admired beauty. Today women insecurities are focused mainly on impossible high standards of beauty, which causes self-esteem and confidence problems. We see beautiful people everywhere in public, television, and magazines. The flawless appearance of people drive humans insane. The beauty standards manipulates people self-esteem causing them to oversee the natural beauty of themselves. According to some people, Sandra expresses “Nicole Casto was unhappy with the way she looked and determined to do something about it” (2004). Low self-esteem can cause a stressful life. People will consider anything to feel good about themselves. People have now found their support in science called Plastic Surgery. The main question is “Should you go under the knife?” Do not go under the knife because most people regret getting plastic surgery and cannot go back natural.
Plastic Surgery is the process of reconstructing or repairing the appearance parts of the human body. Plastic surgery has become a trend around the world. The public is accustomed to the idea of plastic surgery. This issue is taking a toll on society. Teenagers are most likely the ones to go along with this procedure. “For decades, plastic surgery for teenage girls meant one thing -- a nose job, frequently performed during the summer between high school and college” (Sandra 2004). Plastic surgery has severe high risks. It is a lot of information on plastic and surgery people are not informed about. Not every surgery process is healthy nor turns out right. People can easily get infections, blood clots, scarring, nerve damage, etc. An infection called mycobacterial can easily occur due to plastic surgery. This infection will cause y...

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...ach personal issues in a different way other than plastic surgery. Love the body rather than an appearance. Any type of surgery procedures will have aftereffects, but cosmetic surgery aftereffects are much different from most surgeries. Beauty is admired in our society so do not make any mistakes that could ruin your appearance forever. We see beautiful people everywhere in public, television, and magazines. The flawless image drive humans insane. The beauty standards manipulates people self-esteem causing them to oversee the natural beauty of themselves. It is ok to look average. Trying to fix a insecurity on the body is challenging because you will soon notice more insecurities. Plastic surgery do not solve any problem with a person appearance. People should really take this act seriously because it can be very addictive. God created us natural so keep it that way.

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