The Battle Of Algiers, And Black Girl Essay

The Battle Of Algiers, And Black Girl Essay

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For centuries, Africans in France’s colonies have faced racism and degradation from white citizens who saw themselves as superior. These minorities have been France’s slaves, servants, soldiers, and even lambs for slaughter even though they served France faithfully. Their inhumane treatment and struggle to gain independence from France have been the subject of a few films. Films like Days of Glory, Camp Thiaroye, The Battle of Algiers, and Black Girl have portrayed the oppression and dehumanization of Africans by French whites during and after World War II.
Days of Glory, released in 2006, focuses on a group of North African Muslims that join the French Army to help free France from Nazi control. However, the French government does not recognize them as citizens of France or as human beings in general nor do the citizens of France. Even the people they fight for do not recognize their bravery or even thank them for sacrificing their lives for their own. During their first field mission, the newly formed North African regiment of the French army was sent out to find the German’s position and as a result many were killed or wounded by Nazi weapons. Unbeknownst to them, The French army was really using them as a target so that, when they were close enough to the German trenches, the army could fire their artillery on the Nazi’s position with no regard for if they would hit their own men. After that battle, with many of the North Africans killed, the commanding officer said it was a huge French victory with no mention of the efforts made by the North Africans.
Even when fighting side by side on the battlefield, French whites still deny the North Africans basic human rights. For instance, the scene where the arm is travelling to Fra...

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...ncreased the abuse. In order to free herself of this inhumane treatment, Diouana takes her own life to gain her personal freedom in a drastic move.
During World War II and after, Africans residing in the French colonies in Africa had faced oppression and inhumane treatment from the French people even when they’ve sacrificed their lives for the liberation of France. The Africans’ struggle for independence was a hard-fought battle that involved some drastic measures that costed a lot of innocent lives. These films were made to inform people of how badly the Africans were treated by the French and they accomplished that goal. In later years, the Africans gained equal rights and those who had fought alongside the French during World War II received recognition for their heroic deeds.
The Battle of Algiers. Dir. Gillo Pontecorvo. Prod. Antonio Musu and Yacef Saadi. By Fra

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