Basketball Program : The Ottawa Shooting Stars Essay

Basketball Program : The Ottawa Shooting Stars Essay

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During my last 3 years of high school I volunteered with a basketball program called the Ottawa Shooting Stars which was the club I played for during my first 3 years playing competitive basketball. The program that the Shooting Stars are running is called Small Ball. It is program for developing skills but mostly for having some fun and introducing young players to the game of basketball. It manly focuses on Fundamentals such as dribbling, shooting, footwork and passing at the most basic level. The age groups of the program range from 4-7 years old. When I first started volunteering I was in grade 10 and our coach had asked us to help out with a program he was running on Friday nights at our high school gym. At the start I was a new volunteer and did not have much responsibility but by my second year I was fully immersed in the program. Each night I was responsible for coming up with drills for a station of 8-10 children. The first year I was a part of the program it was only one hour but year by year the program grew and by my last two years being a part of the program we had to add an extra hour because of the extensive amount of registrations the online shooting stars site had gotten. So the groups were split in two and the program continued running but now two hours every Friday night with approximately 40 children each hour.

I was a part of this program for 3 years and it was run for 3 months a year so an estimate amount of volunteer hours would be 72. During these 72 hours I spent volunteering I met many children who really found a love for basketball at a young age and I also met many parents in the community who were very thankful that me and a couple of the other girls on our high school basketball team were able to ...

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...yer and want to start my own small ball program in whatever community I am living in.

Noticing the interest I had in the program also helped me discover what field I wanted to study in post secondary school. Since I only started in grade 10 It allowed me to take me time and explore other academic interests as well When grade 12 came I was still unsure but realizing my interest and fun I had during the small ball program It helped me decided to go into Physical and Health Eduction. Not only did this 3 year vaunter experience help with some major academic choices but also helped me become a better and more patient athlete and individual. Many situations would not go planned and some outcomes were not perfect but learning to deal with those outcomes over time and watching other coaches in a higher authority position dealing with those helped me become a better leader.

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