The Basic Right Of Property Essay

The Basic Right Of Property Essay

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John Locke developed the basis of his philosophical viewpoint on the idea of the basic right of property. He claimed that the all mighty and powerful God gave everything which we perceive around us, meaning the environment, to all of mankind in general. Therefore, nature is supposed to exist for the use and benefit of men. Additionally, the world “hath also given them reason to make use of it to the best advantage of life and convenience” (Locke, pg 3).
By simplifying Locke’s interpretation of property, three formulations of the restrictions on property rights can be derived. The first condition states that one can take as much as can be used without spoilage. Basically, that statement means that one ought not to be greedy with their possessions and take only what is essential in order to ensure nothing goes to waste. The second circumstance involves the suggestion that one must leave enough for the good of others. Lasty, labor practices is the only method to taking property. Fundamentally, this final limitation is saying that maintaining a good work ethic through labor exercises is the correct approach to obtaining property.
Furthermore, Locke exchanged thoughts into the perception of property exchange. He expressed that money presents a principal use in the voluntary exchanges of property rights. Money makes property exchange much simpler, but it also introduces a consequence since there really is no limit on the quantity of money that one can accumulate. Finally, Locke communicated that the government plays a role with exchange and that the state of nature becomes civil society.
Overall, Locke exhibits some very interesting concepts that still happen to be in existence in the modern world. I feel that most individ...

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...s, which is not appropriate in Locke’s eyes, by simply being a child of the rich.
This fits into the concept of limiting the amount of income with minimum wage. Locke would argue that having too much money is a violation of property rights since it is considered as spoilage. I majorly agree with this because it is generally unfair for the majority of United States civilians. Many of us are struggling to make it by day-to-day whereas one percent of the population accounts for an enormous portion of our nation’s wealth. Locke claims that people possess rights and that our rights include consent of governmental power, but then why do we not make enough of a case against the minimum wage law that the government preserves in order to compensate for this skewness of money? That is just not right in my mind; something needs to be done so we can fight for our “property.”

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