The Barbaric Nature of Animal Testing

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Every year thousands of mice, dogs, primates and other animals are victims of vivisection all over the world. These experiments are inhumane, ineffective, and absolutely pointless when there are alternate testing methods. These animals undergo painful suffering, and sometimes death as a result of scientific research into the effects of drugs, cosmetics, food additives, and other chemical products. Animal testing is an act of barbarism, the fact that animals are being bred to be a victim of crude experiments and then euthanized is cruel. An Eye Irritancy Test is a test in which albino rabbits have a substance entered into their eyes that are held open with clips for seven to eighteen days. The rabbits are confined in stocks with only their heads protruding while experimenters record the damage of the eye tissue which can vary to being swollen eyelids, inflamed irises, ulceration, bleeding, massive deterioration, and blindness. Many rabbits break their necks as they struggle to escape from the pain. Another savage test is an Acute Toxicity Test, also known as lethal doses, or poisoning tests. This test determines the amount of a substance that will kill a percentage of a group of test animals. Substances are forced into the animal’s body by tubes to the stomach, cuts to the throat, introduced to the eyes, mixed into food or inhaled through a gas mask. Reactions to this test can include convulsions, heavy breathing, diarrhea, constipation, emaciation, contortion, skin eruptions, and bleeding. The testing period continues until at least half of the animals die, approximately two to four weeks. Keep in mind, anesthesia is absent during these procedures. While I realize many people want their make-up, medicines, and other product... ... middle of paper ... ...nation with effective results. Using mathematical combinations, unnecessary tests would not need to be performed on animals (Animal Testing: Toxic & Tragic). Using corneas from eye banks is a substitute that would relieve animals from Eye Irritancy Tests. Eye banks carry corneas from the deceased, whether it be human or animal. Using these corneas would be a faster and less stressful way for scientists to get better results and not have to worry about the pain of animals. Animals should not be victims of vivisection when they have just as much of a right to be here as we do. The money used for animal testing could be used for a project with better potential. Animal testing should not be acceptable considering all the alternatives that technology has the power to do. The abuse of animals in medical experiments is a flaw on humanity, the sooner we end it, the better.
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