Essay on Barack Obama And Mitt Romney

Essay on Barack Obama And Mitt Romney

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The United States of America is the land of opportunity and freedom. Americans take pride in having access to many rights; including the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness as well as the ability to be their own individual. The United States government wants to ensure that nothing interferes with the rights, which the founders fought so hard to establish. While American politicians want to ensure that Americans are entitled to their rights different politicians prioritize issues as they often have contrasting views on which is more important for the American people. While campaigning to be the next president of the United States both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney for the most part had a difference of opinion on what was important and what the right course of action was, which resulted in their campaign platforms targeting different issues.
In his 2008 presidential campaign speech, Senator Barack Obama’s platforms primary focus was ensuring that change came to America. Obama argued that President Bush and his Republican administration had not provided enough government programs for Americans, which had harmed their dignity. Obama sought to preserve Americans dignity by finding an alternative to the Republican philosophy of allowing Americans be their own individual arguing that the method had failed. Obama insisted that there was a way to be a successful individual with freedom while simultaneously having access to government assistance programs. Obama promised that each American had the, “freedom to make of our own lives… but that we also have the obligation to treat each other with dignity and respect” (Obama, 2008). Obama argued that Americans needed to be cared for and instead of government cuts the focus shou...

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...ns in every aspect and this includes the lowest taxes. Romney believed that lower taxes would inspire people, which would create innovation and lead to a successful nation.
As a result, both Obama and Romney believed they could make a difference in American politics and improve the lives of the American people. Both candidates waned the best for their people and nation. However, while Obama believed in providing an affordable healthcare plan, additional government programming and ensuring the preservation of American’s dignity; Romney believed that the focus should be on increasing national defense, limiting the federal government 's role in the lives of Americans and promoting America’s greatness. In the end, both candidates recognize the importance of a good education and that America was the best nation in the world and the place where greatness is achieved.

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