Baptism Of Christianity : A Person Views The World Depends On Their Culture, Education And Knowledge

Baptism Of Christianity : A Person Views The World Depends On Their Culture, Education And Knowledge

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Krupa Bhakta
Professor Robert Burns
8 March 2015
Baptism in Christianity
How a person views the world depends on their culture, education and knowledge. Some are atheist, others believe in heaven and hell, and then there are those who are trying to find their faith. Each religion has their own way of accepting new individuals who just found or changed their belief. In Christianity, upon birth or acceptance of Jesus Christ as one’s faith, Christians perform an initiation ritual called Baptism.
Baptism is one of the most important and popular rituals in Christianity. It is a simple process that requires an individual to be immersed into the water, blessed and pronounced “in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit” (Christian Baptism). This ritual can be performed on both infants and adults, but there are many controversies. For example, there are individuals who believe that baptism can only be properly performed on adults (Baptism Today).
The interpretation of baptism varies form individuals to individuals, some of the views include; it symbolizes salvation, provides grace, cleanses away sins, honors the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and publicly declaring one’s faith (Christian Baptism).
Baptism itself is a simple process. An individual, either sits, kneels, or stands in water. While another individual, who is a Christian, lowers him/her under the water and then brings him/her back to the surface. In another version of baptism, they sprinkle water on the individual, instead of immerging the individual under water (Baptism Today). Neither way is wrong, it left to the preference of the individual who is receiving the baptism.
There are two types of baptisms, infant baptism and initiation baptism. Infant ...

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Baptism is a popular and well-known ceremony that is performed upon birth of a child or initiation of an individual into the Christian community. Baptism is simple process that requires an individual to be, immerged or sprinkled with water, blessed and pounced. Though it is a simple process, baptism holds great significance to many individuals. Some view it as salvation, grace, cleansing away of sins, honoring Jesus Christ, or a form of publically expressing one’s faith. Baptism can be performed on a newborn child or an adult. In both forms of baptism, the individual who is getting baptized is accepting and acknowledging the five elements of the ritual, hermeneutic experience, presence, maturation, service and friendship. Baptism is a ritual where an individual accepts Jesus Christ as his/her faith and looks at the world in a new way, a Christian way.

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