Bangladesh : A South Asian Country Situated On The Bay Of Bengal

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Bangladesh is a South-Asian country situated on the Bay of Bengal and gets couple of countries borders. Those borders are India, Myanmar and shore is Bay of Bengal, and there is a history behind this country related with cultural, religion and language. Many dominances came in this country from different regions all over the world for example Indo-Aryan, Mongol-Mughul, Arabian, Persian, Turkish, and European since early 11th century to mid of 19th century. In 11th century Indian emperor succeed this region when people were non Muslim, especially Hindus and Buddhists struggling time. In 1200 A.D many non Muslims population had converted to Muslim through with different Muslim empire, finally in 16th century Bengal was completely absorbed into the Muslim empire Mughul. Many European traders and missionaries came to this country since 15th century to 19th century and those are the Dutch, the French and the British East-Indian companies respectively but the British East-Indian had succeeded during the 18th and 19th Century. The British gradually extended their trading and administrative control beyond the west Bengal which is currently Calcutta and at the end of that time, Calcutta became main business and educational hub for this region. In 1859, the British replaced the East India Company by extending British dominion from Bengal in the east to the Banga River in the west. Nineteenth and Twentieth Century time: During the Nineteenth and Twentieth century Muslims and Hindus leaders demanded to become an independent nation from each other and at the movement of that time the main leaders of Hindu Indian National Congress party led the entire Hindus. When the Hindu domination grew up tremendously the Muslim form All-Indian Muslim leag... ... middle of paper ... ... Festival, Religion and Language: Majority percentage of Bangladeshi nation speak Bengali and few other people also speak Bihari and regional language. Currently almost 83 percent people are Muslim in Bangladesh and Islam is the biggest religion faith in Bangladesh followed by Hinduism, Buddhism and Kristian. The vast majority of the people of Bangladesh speak Bangla (Bangladesh History: An overview). English is also used as a second language almost all level of people in Bangladesh, especially in town people usually speak English when they require. The language plays an extremely important role in the hearts and minds of Bangladeshis because, the Independence struggle and the subsequent liberation from Pakistani domination draw inspiration from the struggle by Bengalis to prevent Urdu being declared the state language of Pakistan (Bangladesh History: An overview).

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