Essay about Baby : A Child Conceived For The Main Purpose Of Saving A Healthy Child

Essay about Baby : A Child Conceived For The Main Purpose Of Saving A Healthy Child

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Imagine being married and having a beautiful healthy child. Do you think you would be happy? Now imagine being told that your child has being diagnosed with cancer and there is only one solution to saving your sick kid. How would you feel? Now, picture being told that the solution is creating a child in a different way, a way that is controversial in your own society; a way that goes against all your religious beliefs. Difficult to think about, right? Well the truth is, we do not know how it feels to be a parent, but picturing being in this situation seems really hard. If the person you love most were in deep trouble, would you do anything to help them? Of course you would. So let me present to you the term known as “saviour sibling”, or “donor baby”. A donor baby is a child conceived for the main purpose of saving a sick sibling, meaning donating whatever its sick sibling needs; it could be something as simple as blood, or something as complex as a lung. People believe that donor babies should not be conceived, but there is a big difference between donor babies and designer babies.
Designer babies are contrived with specific traits its parents want; for example, the parents can choose if the baby will have a high IQ or if it will be 6 feet tall. But donor babies are not made with specific characteristics or traits, just with their sick sibling’s blood traits. As explained in the article The Medically Modified Human donor babies are created using IVF, that is screened using PGD and a PGS test. An IVF is In-Vitro Fertilization, where fertilization happens outside of the body, as a woman is given fertility drugs to produce eggs, then a doctor harvests the eggs, and finally, an IVF is performed. A PGD is Pre-Implantation Genetic Dia...

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...only chance you have to keep both of them. So you will take that chance, because it is the only one there is even thought it is a risk. Well, let me tell you that this is exactly how it is for parents who are considering creating a donor baby or who already have one. They know they are doing something that creates controversy, and that the baby is at risk by donating whatever it is that the other child needs, but if it is the only chance, they will do it.
Savior siblings, or donor babies, are said to be a great and beautiful new way of saving a sick child; this procedure will change the future and make it even better, medically speaking. Donor babies can prevent families of suffering by the sick child’s future death, for losing a child is the fear of every parent, so by having a sibling donor, the family will be contented and will be saved from plenty of suffering.

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