Ethical Implications of Egg Donation

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Many studies have been done pertaining to egg donation and its medical aspect, but very few studies shows the ethical implications of egg donations. Health Laws such as Fertility Clinic Success Rate and Certification Act,1992 regulates the advertisement of success rate of fertility clinic. Only few states have federal laws for informed consent from egg donors (1-3). Informed consent means that donor understands all the minor details surrounding the egg donation procedure, its side-effects- medical, legal, ethical and emotional and gives permission to undergo the procedure without hesitation or coercion. Currently informed consent from many of the ivf clinics include following points: 1)Requirement of screening tests to determine the eligibility of donor as candidate for egg donation. 2)Understanding the medical procedure. 3)Understanding the risks involved with the procedure with respect to- a) drug used for ovarian stimulation, b)ovarian hyperstimulation effects c) Discussion of Number of eggs to be extracted prior to procedure d) Process of egg extraction e)long term effects of pr...

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