Essay on Authors Teaching How to Live with Chaos and Change

Essay on Authors Teaching How to Live with Chaos and Change

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Humanity enjoys structure, from the streets with numeric organization, the times we wake up and go to sleep, to when we eat certain foods; if order is disturbed then people feel threatened and unsure of what to do. The twentieth century, with its chaotically quick changes, often made people uncertain about basic principles. To combat chaos, society had imposed a strict structure for people to follow. Society expected women to be in the kitchen, blacks to be servants to whites, the only love possible was between a strong man and a weak woman, and other conventions; everyone had a place in society and knew what the public expected of them. In the twentieth century, people began to rethink this traditional enforced organization. People began to wonder if a woman could become a businessman rather than a mother, might a colored person lead a white one, could love extend beyond the heteronormative structure, and many more questions that were radical. During the time that society was tearing down the old oppressive ways of living, some people often felt afraid without the “normal” traditional structure. To combat this fear, authors often wrote stories that taught people how to live comfortably in a world of rapid change. Authors of the twentieth century taught readers to live with chaos and change, rather than fight against it.
One method of living with hectic changes is to be open-minded to differing lifestyles. Reverend Jenkins, in Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas, exemplifies tolerance when he does not judge Polly Garter for her song about her past lovers, but rather sees the beautiful musicality of the town. In the position of reverend, he knew of some of the sin that was happening around the town, but chose to see...

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...of a black leader distressed Harry because society taught him that blacks were his lesser and the idea of a superior black man was a comedy to him at first. To tell a person that their livelihood is immoral is like pulling a flaming rug from under their feet that previous generations had glued. Storytellers of the twentieth century offered glue removal to help with the pulling process and even explained to the people why landing on their butts is better than catching on fire. The stories that they wrote still help the people of today come to acceptance with changes in societal values. Some of us are still standing on fire hazard rugs that will catch on fire soon. Issues like gay marriage or global warming are rugs that are practically doused in gasoline and stories of the twentieth century still offer help by teaching us that it is easier to accept change than burn.

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