Racism In Huck Finn

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Mark Twain wrote The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to expose the hypocrisy of racism and religion in society. In the period he wrote the book, there were two contradictory belief systems regarding race: one stated all men were equal, while the other stated the exact opposite, as it stated all blacks were inferior to whites. This divided society into two groups: the “civilized” (whites) and the “savages” (blacks). Through his writing of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Twain displayed his opposition of this arrogant and hypocritical belief system, a belief system that unfortunately still exists in today’s world.
One of the prime examples of Twain’s opposition of this belief system was his portrayal of Huck’s father, Pap, versus his portrayal of Widow Douglas’ slave, Jim. Pap is an abusive, racist, drunk, while Jim was a gentle, kind-hearted, person. Pap was never really much of a father to Huck; he walked out and only came back because he heard Huck had some money. Jim was a very caring person; he cared for his family and for Huck. Despite Jim being the superior human being, he was considered, in the eyes of society, to be inferior to Pap just because of the color of his skin.
In 2014, this mentality of whites being superior should not exist; however, it does. Recently, a picture comparing Richard Sherman (black) of the Seattle Seahawks to Justin Bieber (white) made its way around social media. Justin Bieber was arrested for drunk driving and possession of marijuana within the same week that Richard Sherman went on an angry rant that lead to him being labeled as a thug. The phrase at the top of the picture read, “Who is the real thug?” Under the picture of Sherman, it listed his accomplishments: 4.2 high school GPA, high scho...

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...behalf of Islam as a religious duty. This is as obvious of a situation of religious hypocrisy as you will see. Over 270 million people are estimated to have been killed by Jihads since the birth of Islam (Tears of Jihad). Islams are supposed to practice values of peace, yet have no issues waging war and killing other human beings.
Mark Twain wrote The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to expose the hypocrisy of racism and religion in society. He clearly displayed how blacks were stereotyped, devalued, and considered to be inferior to whites. He showed how people associated themselves with certain religious beliefs, but only practiced those beliefs at their own convenience. Unfortunately, the issues Twain wrote about still exist in today’s world. Society has made some progress; however, overall, not much has changed since Twain wrote The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how mark twain wrote the adventures of huckleberry finn to expose the hypocrisy of racism and religion in society.
  • Compares twain's portrayal of huck’s father, pap, and widow douglas’ slave, jim, as examples of his opposition to this belief system.
  • Compares richard sherman (black) of the seattle seahawks to justin bieber (white) on social media.
  • Analyzes how the playbills of one of the duke and king's cons show that black adults were placed below white adults and on the same level as white children.
  • Analyzes the "rooney rule" in the nfl, which states that teams must interview at least one black candidate for coaching jobs.
  • Analyzes how twain touched on racial profiling in the adventures of huckleberry finn. when huck is spying on the duke and the king in an effort to find the stolen money, the two conmen decide to change the location of the hidden money.
  • Explains that racial profiling still takes place in today’s society, especially by ities. in newark, two youths aged 15 and 13 were riding in a car driven by their football coach.
  • Analyzes how twain's criticism of society was based on his belief that society practiced and preached religious values that were convenient to them.
  • Analyzes how the widow douglas can be seen as one of twain's examples of religious hypocrisy. in the name of her religious beliefs, she urges huck to help other people, yet she sees nothing wrong with owning jim, another human being.
  • Analyzes how the grangerfords are another example of religious hypocrisy used by twain. they have bibles and other religious symbols in their house to symbolize they are religious people, but are in a battle with the neighboring family, the shepherdsons.
  • Analyzes how john jay college of criminal justice conducted a study to look at sex abuse by priests from 1950 to 2002. since the 1980s, nearly 15,000 victims have come forward and pressed charges.
  • Explains that jihads are an example of the hypocrisy of religion in today's world.
  • Analyzes how mark twain wrote the adventures of huckleberry finn to expose the hypocrisy of racism and religion in society.
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