Australia: A Brief History and Analysis Essay

Australia: A Brief History and Analysis Essay

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Australia, formally known as the Commonwealth of Australia, was formed in 1901. This was the result of six independent British colonies that came together to form a new nation. The foundation for this federation, as they refer to themselves by, is known as the Australian Constitution. This written document acts as the basis for which how the government can operate and what it can do. Under the Constitution, the Australian Government is a federal system of government. Utilizing this system powers are divided between the central, Australian Government, and states of the nation, the six state governments. For the Australian Government, the central power, laws written and passed by this governing half of the entire system affect all Australians. In essence it is the law of the land and should be followed by all. The Australian Government is split into three arms. The first is known as the legislative arm, or parliament, and is responsible for the debate and vote of new laws to be initiated. These laws, if passed, are introduced under the power of section 51 of the Australian Constitution. Section 51 of the Australian Constitution in principle defines what the government can decide upon. The second of three arms of the Australian Government is the executive arm. This third is responsible for authorizing and sustaining the laws established by the legislative arm. Some members of the legislature, entitled ministers, are members of both the legislative and executive arms of the Australian Government. These specific members are tasked with special responsibilities for certain areas of the law. Lastly, the third of the three arms of the Australian Government is the judiciary. This is the legitimate arm of the Australian Government, and by t...

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...CCA. As far as states and territories go their own laws govern consumer protection. Typically these are in the form of a Fair Trading Act.

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