Essay about Attending A Sunday Church Service

Essay about Attending A Sunday Church Service

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Currently, I do not identify as being religious. I am not sure what I believe, so generally I try to stay away from religious conversations because they make me uncomfortable. I was raised Baptist and went to church every Sunday and Wednesday until I was around 14. Also, when I was around 18, I attempted to convert to Catholicism because of who I was dating at the time, however once we separated, I stopped my conversion. I will turn 26 next month and for this service learning project, I decided to attend a Sunday church service.
I decided to pursue this as my project for a few reasons. For one, I wanted to see if going to church on my own accord was different than going because of pressure I was receiving from my ex and his family. I wanted to see if I was still as uncomfortable as I was before or if I would be more at ease. I also decided to go because I felt like I would be more open-minded and attentive as I got a little bit older. To fulfill the requirements, I attended a Sunday service at a Presbyterian Church in Boerne called St. Mark. I attended this one because my boyfriend plays drums in the worship band so it was convenient and also because I was already familiar with many people since he plays there. In addition, I had never been to a Presbyterian service before and I wanted to attend a service where I was not familiar with the process. To my surprise, this service was actually very similar to past Catholic Masses I had attended.
There are many similarities between Catholic Mass services and the Presbyterian service as St. Mark. People kneel toward the front of the church and make the cross symbol on themselves before sitting in a pew, they take communion, and they also do the “Peace be with you” greeting where they sh...

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...arned that going to Church still makes me uncomfortable and I feel vastly out of place. However, I also discovered that religion, or at least discrepancies between the different branches of Christianity are quite interesting to learn about. I knew from taking The Religious Quest class that learning about religion was fascinating, but I didn’t know I would be this interested in Christianity. Buddhism was the religion that I found most interesting.
I am not sure where I will go from here regarding religion; however I am grateful for all learning opportunities that cross my path. I appreciate this opportunity to reassess myself and my situation and to remind myself to always be open minded, kind, and compassionate, regardless of what my faith is. I am sure my interest will be peaked again in the future and I will always be thankful for what I have learned in this class.

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