'The Year Of Living Biblically By Jacobs's' The Year Of Living Biblically?

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I did not have a religious upbringing, excluding the few half-hearted attempts at taking my sister and I to church and the local church preschool, my parents largely left us to ourselves when it came to religion. My preschool experience was soured by the concerned teachers who wrongly assumed that I was drawing devils on my papers, when in fact, they were obviously vampires. My grandma cried when my parents did not baptize me, and my grandpa has called more than once, worried that I did not “know Jesus.” Regardless, religion has always been an interest of mine, probably because it is something so foreign and unknown. I have been to plenty of church services with friends after sleep overs, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, even one of those churches that speak in tongues. My parents never let me stay over there again. In “The Year of Living Biblically,” by Jacobs, a similarly agnostic man, attempts to gain some sort of insight by living a year of his life according to the Bible. He…show more content…
Growing up in the south, I am very familiar with the classic “bible-banging, ultra-conservative, hardcore Christian.” Jacobs visiting one of the megachurches was very interesting to me, since I have grown up surrounded by them. Tennessee has the most megachurches per capita in the United States, and there were two right down the road from me in my small town. When Jacobs was describing his experience in a megachurch, I recalled many similar experiences I have had. First Baptist Concord is practically its own town, complete with a school, preschool, shopping center, and amphitheater like worship hall. Cokesbury Methodist Church was so big it had two buildings for worship, on either side of the street. Jacobs visited Jerry Falwell’s megachurch in Virginia, and while the churches back home are not as extreme, they still have the same message and idea about “soul winning”

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