Athena As A Great Warrior Essay

Athena As A Great Warrior Essay

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Athena the daughter of Zeus, the goddess of wisdom and strategy and it comes out more clearly throughout the books. And in the book The Odyssey she has a huge role of bringing Odysseus’ back home, and she has a great desire to help him. Throughout Odysseus journey to return home to Troy she has an important role to help to guide him in the right directions. It seems like she is looking after him and trying to protect Odysseus and his son Telemachus. Throughout the books we see how Athena is using the power of disguise. Athena appears as different characters that will help and guide both Odysseus and Telemachus to make the right choices. Athena is one of the strongest women in the Odyssey and the force behind the arrangement for Odysseus to return home after Calypso releases him. In the epic Athena is know for being a great warrior, she is confident and a master of disguises, and has a desire to help Odysseus and uses her power to do so. Throughout the epic Athena was the most helpful to bring Odysseus back home.
We first meet Athena when she speaks to her father Zeus about how she feels for Odysseus, and explain how she wants to help him. At this time she is not in disguise. Athena speaks to Zeus,
“O Majesty, O Father of us all,
That man is in the dust indeed, and justly.
So perish all who do what he had done.
But my own heart is broken for Odysseus,
the master mind of war, so long a castaway[…]
Are you not moved by this, Lord of Olympos?
Had you no pleasure from Odysseus’ offerings
beside the Argive ships,on Troys’ wide seaboard?
O Zeus, what do you hold against him now?”
Book 1, page 187, line 63-84).
At this time Athena desires to help Odysseus to find his way back home.
The next time we see the power of Athena she disgu...

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What stratagem but yours took Prima’s town?
How is it now your own door sill,
before the harriers of your wife, you curse your luck
not to be stronger?
Come here, cousin, stand by me,
and you’ll see action! In the enemies’ teeth
learn how Mentor, son of Alkimos,
repays fair dealing!” (Book 22, page 499, lines 249-261)

In Homers epic The Odyssey we see Athena helping both Odysseus and his son Telemachus. We see how Athena appers in many different disguises, when we first meet Athena she is talking to her father Zeus about how she feels for Odysseus beeing help on the Island with Calypso. The next time Athena is in disguise as one of Odysseus old friend Mentor. Athena appears infront of Telemachus, convinsing him to take the journey to get news about his father Odysseus. Athena helps Telemachus to take the next step and he is growing into a man like his father.

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