Essay about Asylum Seekers And Official Refugees

Essay about Asylum Seekers And Official Refugees

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In this piece, I will argue that the social factors and attitudes surrounding the distinction of asylum seekers and official refugees, are constructed and exploited by the Australian Government, to improve their political and economic position over the nation. The Government uses nationalism and assimilation to maintain their power to shape the culture and normality of Australian society. They achieve this by influencing society through the media, to fear 'illegal ' asylum seekers, but accept those that fit the 1951 refugee convention criteria. By exaggerating the security threat of foreign asylum seekers, but accepting white refugees or those with potential to conform, the government has constructed a common and visible enemy as a racist tool of nationalism. In the social inclusion and exclusion attached to the different status 's, the government can accept individuals they believe can contribute to society and the economy, by deeming skilled and educated people deserving of refugee status, consequently perceiving asylum seekers as undeserveing. The government 's objective of complete control, regardless of the rights and wellbeing of those in need, is the underlying factor of the difference between asylum seekers and refugees in Australian society.

The Australian Government generates and supports a public attitude towards asylum seekers as an existential threat to national sovereignty, in order to secure their power over the nation and its cultural norms and social structures. This is executed at the expense of humanitarianism and the rights of asylum seekers. The 'Tampa Crisis ' is the most prominent and influential example of this, due to the timing of the incident coinciding with the start of Howard 's election campaign, a...

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...dy, even the individuals that came to Australia through legitimate measures of the UNHCR resettlement program. Asylum seekers are perceived to be of non-White ethnicity in the public eye, and their social exclusion and discrimination is an indication of the strict nationalistic ideals of the country. Australia has 50,000 over stayers of European descent that receive almost no media attention, yet the small target group of the 'Tampa crisis ' had excessive media coverage as well as large expenditure. Returning to the state 's labelling in the media, Duncan Kerr constitutes the states application of the stereotype ‘criminal’ to all asylum seekers as a racist generalisation that devalues asylum seekers in society (Every & Augoustinos, 2014).These examples reveal the use of nationalism and security to justify racism against asylum seekers in Australia (Devetak, 2004).

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