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Assistance to the Less Fortunate Essay

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Ensuring that all members of society are taken care of and are treated respectfully is crucial to ensuring the well being of society as a whole. To say that those less fortunate should be left to fend for themselves, or that it is not our responsibility as citizens and responsible members of society to assist those in need of help is simply selfish. How would you feel if you were the one in need of assistance? We the people that make up society must contribute our time, resources and effort to help others who are less privileged and more susceptible to sickness due to their living conditions and the situation that they are stuck in. Ultimately, society stands to benefit when we take care of those members of society that are in need of shelter, food, financial assistance etc. Furthermore, in doing so, we are also keeping our community safe by eliminating the need for those less fortunate to turn to crime as a way to feed themselves and their family. One can only be pushed so far until self-preservation becomes the most important factor to a person, thus pushing those who are hungry to resort to stealing, robbing and other such crimes to survive.
My field trip to the Osgood law soup kitchen was truly an eye opening experience. After this trip, I took time to think about the preconceived notions I had of those who are less fortunate or as they are commonly referred to by most of society, homeless or bums. As probably most people do, when I thought of those who are homeless and or in need of food, the same stereotypical image and associated smell come to mind. The ragged/dirty clothes and bad smell is what I would commonly associate with the word homeless or bum. However, on this field trip, all that I thought I knew about p...

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...s -- the last, the least, the littlest (Mahony, 1998). I believe that we as responsible members of a society are morally obligated to ensure that all members of society regardless of race, sexuality or social status are given a helping hand when needed.

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