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A Life Affirming Adventure


I believe my love and fascination with travel is somewhat hereditary, in that I became interested in traveling to far away places from looking at albums of my fathers many travels. I recall with great fondness many afternoons pouring over the big, bulky albums, labeled on the side - "Greece," "Italy," "France," "Israel," and others. It was with curious awe that I saw my father pictured in exotic locales wondering what rich stories accompanying these snapshots of cherished memories.


Of course, my dad would regal us at the dinner table with many a story, as we listened and absorbed his enthusiasm from the retelling of his adventures. Then, we traveled a bit as a family, to Israel, then Belgium and the Netherlands, and then an awe inspiring summer in China.


As I got older, my interest in travel continued, as read books on a variety of topics  from world religions to international affairs. As a teenager, I spent a summer abroad in England, getting my first taste for a different culture.


During high school, I took advantage of the study abroad program and spent a semester in Sydney, Australia. The more I traveled, the more I wanted to travel and the more I wanted to share my experiences with others. Trips to Italy, France, and England as a child further enriched my passion for learning about visiting other countries and learning about their cultures.


My passion for traveling culminated in a three month trip around the world, visiting ten countries from Africa, to Southeast Asia and then through Australia and New Zealand. This trip was a life altering, life affirming adventure that influenced my worldview and philosophy on life.


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