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Travel writing is a genre that uses an assortment of techniques and is presented in various forms to successfully educate people about travelling. Travel writing can take the form of documentaries, pieces of serious journalism or humorous articles and are mainly published in of magazines or newspapers. They aim to educate the reader about a specific destination by providing wide insight into the destination and helpful information. The purpose of a travel article is to not only be informative but also to entertain and inspire the reader about a specific destination. I chose to write for TripAdvisor about the Top 5 attractions that are in Washington DC. TripAdvisor is an online publisher has various forms of articles that are educational,…show more content…
To impress my readers, I decided to take a personal approach to writing this article. To do this, I used a variety of techniques to add a more conversational tone. In doing this, I also wanted to convey my own personal knowledge and experience to the reader to highlight the accuracy and reliability of my travel…show more content…
A declaratory sentence is a sentence that includes many adjectives to make a broad statement about a place and make it seem more exciting. The use of declaratory sentences also helps to encourage people to visit an attraction. For example, the Air and Space museum “soared into this spot as it is a vast place”. The use of the adjectives attracts great attention to the attraction. The article features a variety of diction. Ranging from very simple diction to a more sophisticated terminology. The diction used depends on the specific attraction that was being discussed. When the air and space museum was being discussed, there was a lot of wit and slang used which was associated with the attraction. On the other hand, when discussing the holocaust museum, the diction was very somber and sophisticated matching the feelings surrounding the topic. The attraction was portrayed through diction as it gives the reader what to expect when visiting the attraction. Much like TripAdvisor, the article was written in a form of storytelling with informal, simple diction. It was as if I was talking to the audience and they were listening to my travel advice. This form of addressing the readers is very engaging and conveys the personal experience of the author, meaning the reader will trust their

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