Essay on Assessment : Purpose And Value

Essay on Assessment : Purpose And Value

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1.1 Assessment – Purpose and value

Assessments take on many forms, but all have one distinctive purpose, to empower a teacher with a resource that gathers information about students that will later be used for evaluating and analysing students’ knowledge and understanding, guiding teachers on what to report about a student’s achievement to the relevant stakeholders. Krause, Bochner, Duchesne and McMaugh (2010) describes assessment as “The gathering and analysing of information about a student’s achievement”. Assessing and reporting the achievement of a student is fundamental in the process of creating lifelong learners. Brady and Kennedy (2010) define “the purpose of assessment is a method used to make a diagnoses of students learning and progress. Principle one of the School Curriculum and Standards Authority states “Assessment should be an integral part of teaching and learning” (2013). Teachers have a responsibility to their students to ensure they are providing every opportunity for their student to become strong, independent learners. This is reflected in the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians (2008) goal one, promoting equity and excellence in schools and in goal two, for all students becoming successful learners, confident, creative individuals and active informed citizens (Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs [MCEECDDYA],2008). To achieve these goals schools, teachers, families and the broader community must work with the Australian governments to commit to the Melbourne Declaration’s goals and by helping to promote world-class curriculum and assessment (MCEECDDY, 2008). Assessments are an important part of a student’s learni...

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...ernment, Independent or Catholic are to implement a curriculum framework. In Queensland, the Department of Education, Training and Employment adhere to the P-12 curriculum, assessment and reporting framework, which asks teachers to assess students by both summative and formative methods, ensuring assessments meet three broad purposes: Assessment for learning, assessment of learning and assessment as learning. Arthur et al. (2010) defines assessment for learning as formative assessing, using data collected to help the teacher make decisions about students’ progress and to enlighten their teaching practices, assessment of learning are summative assessments by nature, these provide evidence of students learning and achievement against the standards set and assessment as learning as a way for students to reflect and develop an understanding of how they are as learners.

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