The Assassination of John F. Kennedy Essay

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy Essay

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November 22, 1963 is a day in which some Americans will remember and some won’t. That Friday at 12:30 P.M the President of the United States was shot at Dealey Plaza, Texas. There have been numerous theories on how the president was killed and how many shooters there were. However we did catch a suspect named Lee Oswald who was a former U.S. Marine sniper, who hated Kennedy’s views, and fled the scene and shot a police officer with his revolver. Many people have the right to blame Oswald but in my mind there were two shooters. In this essay I will explain why I believe this and help support my theory.
To explain the way Kennedy was shot we have to do some brief medical background. Kennedy had a bad back which meant that he couldn’t sit upright without feeling any pain. So in my theory Kennedy had to be sitting slightly forward to relieve his back pain while he was seated in the open limo. Secondly Governor Connally was sitting to the left of Kennedy and was about three to four inches lower than Kennedy. This would make a perfect angle for Oswald to shoot Kennedy and Connally together in one shot. Next let’s take a look at Oswald.
Oswald was a mysterious man. He went to live in Russia because he dislike America’s views even though he would later join the Marines at a young age. When he did come back to the United States he brought back his wife named Marina. The beginning of their relationship was bumpy and not as smooth as one would think. They had fights but eventually they got things settled down and things were peaceful (Archives). However during his last week before the assassination he didn’t spend any time with her. He lived in a boarding house with a roommate and they both went to work together. This is odd because one wo...

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...ooters because it would have been hard for Oswald to make the headshot. All of the other shots that hit Kennedy and Connally I believe but I have a hard time believing Oswald’s headshot. It would have been simply too hard for Oswald because he was right handed and he would have to lean out of the window pretty far to get the shot. I believe Jack shot Oswald so he wouldn’t snitch and acted the way he did so the police wouldn’t be so suspicious. Finally there are many theories out there and some are hard to believe and some are easily explainable. Maybe in 2017 when the government releases the documents we will truly now how Kennedy died.

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