Essay on The As A Woman For Her Life

Essay on The As A Woman For Her Life

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Many of us may have a component of withi that leave us susceptible to being ethnocentric; this why we need to always do what we can to empathize with others that are different than us. As such I interviewed my classmate Lindsay, to find out how life has been as a woman for her in our society. Now, while statistically women are not a minority due to them being roughly the same in number as men in most societies, they tend to have less power and privileges than men. Lindsay’s father was born in Indiana and her mother was born in San Jose. Even though Lindsay’s mother was born in San Jose, both her parents were very conservative. As such, while growing up in San Jose, Lindsay grew up in a very traditional household; with her father as the head of house. The women in Lindsay’s family don 't really have an education, they tend to be stay at home moms who take care of the home and the children. Now while Lindsay’s mother is a stay at home mom, she does have a cosmetology license so that she can have something to do on the side. This sentiment of the role which women play in Lindsay’s family was passed down to her in the form of her taking care of her siblings. Lindsay has five siblings and as the oldest of all the children, she pretty much took the role of raising her siblings with her mother.
While growing up, most members in her family reinforced the notion that as woman she needs to be the caretaker in the family. Taking care of all her siblings and being pressured into feeling that her success in life is based on her fertility; made Lindsay to not want children when she had a family of her own. The fact that her maternal values and qualities was forced upon her, it was portrayed in a fashion that assumed that those qualities indi...

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... with Lindsay has definitely reinforced my belief that one’s worth should be measured by their actions and their contributions to society and not their sex. Men and women are different which is only natural; however our differences is not what determines our value in the world. Lindsay has showed me that we may have cultural traits that are linked to our sex; we should embrace this traits and not ridicule them. If a mother decides to stay at home to take care of their children, it does not make her any less than a man who goes out to work. However the biggest lesson I learned from Lindsay, is that we cannot allow our gender roles we learn from our cultures limit us from being who we want to be. Both men and women have the choice to conduct themselves and pursue their dreams in whatever fashion they choose; because while men and women are not the same, we are equal.

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