Essay about Artificial Intelligence Is Not All Ai Is Bad

Essay about Artificial Intelligence Is Not All Ai Is Bad

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Artificial Intelligence has always been a very interesting subject to me from the time I watched any film from the Terminator series (1984-2015) with the evil A.I. known as Skynet. Not all AI is bad as we know from Steven Spielberg 's “A.I.” (2001) and today Artificial Intelligence is far from fiction. I’ve always wondered how close could we get to a world where Artificial Intelligence could become a companion, and in my research I have found that programmers and inventors are already working on a companion to ease the sense of loneliness we all feel from time to time.

There could be a lot of reasons why someone would want some form of companionship when real life presence is not readily available. Katie Collins (2013) quotes, “Like any proud parent whose kids leave home, Hayashi had a void to fill. He’s doing that by creating a robot that could serve as a true companion.” The story goes on about a man named Kaname Hayashi who invented a humanoid robot model known as Pepper. In many ways I have always felt like social media has connected us to many people in a networking sense, but when it comes down to humanizing relationships, I’ve always felt it actually separates us. As Kate Collins (2013) explains,“social media and games provide ways of cheating loneliness”. I believe gaining companionship from a A.I. robot is a lot more life-like than trying to eliminate the strains of loneliness through social media, but it is a two way street. The response and react time of a robot can be more quicker than waiting on a response on social media if you ever even get one. A robot is also a lot more exclusive to you than the body of avatars on Facebook, but at the end of the day the robot isn’t an actual person. The visualization of having ...

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...ves have proven that so many problems can be solved even if it’s a program to vent or bond with. It’s not a god complex, but I find so interesting because it almost feels like you’re creating life and it’s a staple that every programmer should find pride in.

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