Article Review On Police Misconduct Essay

Article Review On Police Misconduct Essay

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Scholarly Article Review
Mark P. DeRosia
Walden University

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for CJRS-8352-1
Dr. Deborah Laufersweiler-Dwyer, Ph.D.
March 14, 2016
This paper reported the results of a scholarly review of an article regarding the on-set of police misconduct. It identified the reasons for the original research, the approach the author used, methodology, formatting, and his point of view. This paper also reported on issues that the author failed to research and discuss, along with two specific questions that the author did not answer. This paper concluded by reporting that the author’s approach allowed new research to conducted in the area of police misconduct which would contribute to perhaps curtailing misconduct by police officers in the future.

Scholarly Article Review
On almost any given day within the United States, some form of a complaint about a police officer is made. While some of these complaints are never reduced to a written form and provided to the police department of the alleged violating officer, some complaints are formalized and investigated by the agency. Understanding police misconduct by police managers is important, because it is through this understanding that police mangers can work to correct and reduce issues that result in police complaints. Harris (2012), in an article entitled “The onset of police misconduct”, reported the findings of his investigation into the “factors that contribute to, or mitigate against, the likelihood and timing of police misconduct” (p. 285). This scholarly article review will report on Harris’ approach to the issue, article formatting, and his ...

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