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The article “Legal Reasons a U.S. Immigrant May be Deported” is about the many reasons a person can be deported or sent back to their country of origin. The most obvious reason of why people are sent back to their country of origin is because they don’t have the right to be in the United States. They crossed the border illegally. Another main reason of why people are deported is because they committed a crime. If people do have the right to be in the United States because of a VISA or a green card they can also be deported if they don’t follow rules that apply to those who have a permanent right of being in the United States.

I believe this is a reliable source because its a legit website where lawyers offer their help if people are going through these struggles. Lawyers who know about this case and wanted to help people who face the problem of deportation. The reason why I trust this resources is because lawyers are educated people who study many different cases and they get to see the popular reasons of why people get deported.

This article reflects with my research paper because it tells me why people are deported. In order to be able to cover the problems children go through when one or both of their parents are deported I first need to know why people get deported. This article was very helpful since it explained why people get deported in a brief easy way for me to understand.

"Deportation of a Parent Can Have Significant and Long-Lasting Harmful Effects on Child Well-Being, As a Pair of Reports from MPI and the Urban Institute Detail." N.p., 21 Sept. 2015. Web. 9 Nov. 2016.

The article “Deportation of a parent” is about the many harmful long lasting issues children can face when they...

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...ifferent authors who contributed to write this article. The authors of this article are people who know what they 're talking about because of the majors they have. Hyunwoo Yoon, one of the authors studied school of social work in the University of Texas. Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, also an author of the article works at a center reducing health disparities. The other two authors Luis H. Zayas and Guillermina Natera Rey have also knowledge with this topic.

This article is a very helpful for my paper because it talks about children’s view of point when they have parents who are affected by deportation. This article is very helpful because it compares and contrast the lives of 3 different groups of family that connect with deportation. In this article I get to read about the struggles they face and the fear they have of being separated from their families.

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