The Article Am I Thin Enough Yet? Essay

The Article Am I Thin Enough Yet? Essay

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When we look into the mirror, we are constantly picking at our insecurities; our stomach, thighs, face, and our body figure. Society has hammered into our brains that there is only one right way of looking. Society disregards that there are many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Then society makes us believe that corporations can shove detrimental products to fix our imperfection. As a consequence, we blame media for putting all the negative ideas into women’s brain. It is not wrong to say that they are in part responsible, but we can’t make this issue go away until we talk about patriarchy. In the article Am I Thin Enough Yet? Hesse-Biber argues that women are constantly concerned about their looks and if they are categorized as “beautiful” by society. These ideas are encouraged by corporations that sell things for us to achieve “beautiful” but the idea is a result of patriarchy. Hesse-Biber suggests that if we want to get rid of these ideas we need to tackle patriarchy before placing all the blame on capitalism.
In this article, Hesse-Biber uses the story of a young woman named Delia, whose main goal in life is to look pretty enough to find a man who will take care of her and protect her. These ideas are not uncommon, there are many people, like her mother, who have never worked outside of their home and there are many women whose main goal is to live that lifestyle. Delia believes that she needs to find a certain man who can provide for her. “She was not interested in having a job that earned $150,000 a year, but in marrying the guy who did.” (Hesse-Biber, 589) In order for this to happen women have to make sure that they look thin and looking this way can cause a lot of “self-harm” but women are okay with it if the outco...

... middle of paper ... further my education and provide for myself. I feel more encouraged to stop listening to what the media tells me is popular or what is right and what is wrong. I will continue to base my ideas on realistic things that are positive and not self-harming.
Hesse-Biber encourages us to “smash patriarchy” and although it is difficult to get rid of something that has always been part of our society there are many things we can do. Some strategies for change is to not pay so much attention to what the media has to say. We need to stop looking at Photoshop inspirations and inspire ourselves to look the way we want. Women need to continue their education and provide for themselves. Women need to make sure they are enough for themselves before going to find a man, a partner should be there to encourage you and support you, not to take over your life because society says so.

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