Essay on Arthur: Myth, Legend, or Man

Essay on Arthur: Myth, Legend, or Man

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King Arthur: myth, legend, hero or man? The mythical King Arthur is known as the man who became a king by pulling a sword, Excalibur, from a stone. The legendary King Arthur was thought to have had a table that he and his knights would gather around and it was round. Legend has it that King Arthur had commissioned Merlin, a powerful wizard, to design and enchant the table. This made way for the legend of “the knights of the round table”. The stories told about Arthur have evolved throughout the years, but was there a “real” Arthur? No, there was not a man who pulled a sword out of a stone nor was there a magical wizard who placed the sword there, and there was not a round table enchanted by a magical wizard. But there was a man who became known as Arthur. Ambrosius Aurelianus was the man who is known today as King Arthur.
The story of King Arthur is commonly told from the non-factual perspective Geoffrey of Monmouth. The story begins by stating that Uther, Arthur’s father, was the current King of England. During his reign, King Uther received many death threats against his son, Arthur, stating that he was not the rightful heir to the throne. Therefore, King Uther made the decision to give his son to one of his one knights, Sir Ector, in order to protect him (Hibbert). Uther suddenly died during his reign and in order to resolve the panic in England, Merlin, a powerful wizard, placed a sword that he named Excalibur, in a stone and made a claim, that “whosoever draws this sword, which I have named Excalibur, from this stone shall be king of all England”. Many tried and many failed, but when Sir Ector heard of the news, he brought young Arthur to attempt to earn his rightful place on the throne and become king of all England. With ...

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...s the mythical Arthur and although some information is exaggerated, some taken out of context, and some just plain fabricated, Ambrosius is the man who we know today as King Arthur.

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