Art Therapy : A Beneficial Technique Essay

Art Therapy : A Beneficial Technique Essay

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Art therapy is a beneficial technique that works especially well with children. Sometimes children are unable to put into words the different emotions they are feeling, art therapy can assist the therapist in discovering the different issues children’s may feel. Art therapy focuses on the creative process of exploring deeper meanings in a patient’s personal experiences, while integrating psychotherapy with multi-arts, this approach can help children access, process, and integrate traumatic feelings in a manner that allows for appropriate emotional regulation. This technique uses imagination, rituals, and the creative process, which may include painting drawing, sculpture, dance, movement, music, drama, or poetry (Siegal, 2013). Children usually enjoy taking part of these different activities they find them fun and in long run benefits their mental health.
Art therapy includes a mental health profession that specializes in this particular therapy, they are known as an art therapist. It is crucial that when working on art therapy you’re a specialized in that area and are a certified art specialized. Art therapist uses a variety of methods including art media, the creative process, and the resulting artwork to explore their feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, increase self-awareness, manage different behaviors or addiction, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem. Due to the variety of methods, art expression can be used with a large population. The main goal of art therapy is to regulate client’s functioning and their sense of personal well-being (Art therapy Association, 2016).
Although, as mentioned above children can benefit especially from art therapy, adults can benefi...

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... extremely effective with children parents in supporting psychological resources related to resiliency. For example the creative imagery is a recommended intervention to reinforce children’s resilience or to teach them to self manage and cope with the stressful issues they face in life.
Overall art therapy is a very useful and effective technique. Individuals in a variety of settings benefit from the sense of control it gives them and the ability to express how they feel in a non-verbal way. Many times individuals are unable to put into the different emotions they are feeling; art therapy allows them to express those emotions. As discussed, Art therapy is specifically beneficial with children in the medical setting. It is a developmentally appropriate form of therapy that allows the child to express him or her self, and to have a sense of control in their treatment.

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