The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein Essay

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein Essay

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Everyday people are put into several situations in which they have to conduct themselves accordingly. This may mean that they need to reinvent themselves. In many pieces of literature, characters are thrown into circumstances that require them to change who they are and how they act. In the novel The Art Of Racing In The Rain the author Garth Stein illustrates many situations where one or more characters are forced to change who they are and how they live. Yann Martel wrote, “It is circumstance that enables is to reinvent ourselves and the world around us.” Denny is put in certain circumstances in which he is forced to change his life. Buying Enzo, Eve dying and his court battle with the Twins made him reinvent himself constantly.
When Denny’s late wife Eve dies, his whole world is changed. Trish and Maxwell - the evil Twins - plot against Denny by pulling him into a major court battle. As a result, Denny is forced to sacrifice major opportunities in order to win custody of his daughter, Zoë. “ “I appreciate your generous offer,” he [Denny] said. “But I’m afraid certain things prevent me from leaving this country – or even this state – at the moment. So I have to decline.” (Stein 276) Luca Pantoni – a man that worked at Ferrari – asked Denny if he wanted to move out to Italy with his family where he could test cars for a living. With the major court battle going on Denny had to politely refuse the offer. Knowing Denny’s personality it would have been difficult for him to decline such a great offer, but at that moment he had to think about his family first. Next to Eve, Zoë is the most important person in Denny’s life. The death of Eve was unexpected for both Denny and Zoë, but Denny could not let his sadness and frustration show...

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...Enzo to guide him and help him through situations. Living with Enzo was almost like living with another human, they understood each other and respected each other. Having Enzo by Denny’s side had helped him in many ways, but it had also changed how he lived and how he thought.
Within the novel The Art Of Racing In The Rain there are situations that Denny falls into in which he is forced to reinvent himself and change his ways. The court battle between Denny and the twins tests his strength and tries to ruin his family. Eve’s death causes Denny to adjust and figure out how to move on and still keep the family together. Finally, bringing Enzo into his life makes Denny sacrifice his time and money. At the same time he gains a companion who he can trust. Everyone goes through changes in their lives; the moment in which we must choose how to react is the most important.

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