Are Monique 's Actions Ethical?

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A twelve-year-old girl, Monique, comes from a low-income family. There are nights in which Monique does not eat dinner due to her mom never having the money to feed her. The mother always spends her last bit of money on drugs. Monique does not any type of family members that can help her and the mother financially out. One day, Monique goes to her after school program, StreetSquash, and decides to steal snacks from the cabinet so that she will not starve through the night. Are Monique’s actions ethical? Monique can steal the snacks from the cabinet and does not have to worry about starving during nights. By Monique stealing, she would create a habit that she now has to steals and justifying her by stealing the snacks. If she keeps stealing, then she has to be aware of the fact that somebody is going to notice the snacks keep going missing. In addition, if she gets caught in the act, then there will be consequences for her actions. She may get kicked out of the program and the staff members would probably have a meeting about the reason why she is stealing the snacks. The staff members can either sit down or talk to the mother about feeding Monique dinner. They can try to work something out with the parent, but most likely they will tell Child’s service. It can escalate to the staff members, calling ACS on Monique’s mother. She will not have to worry about starvation. The negative part about calling ACS is the mother and the daughter’s relationship will fall apart and the daughter will adjust to her new environment such as school, neighbor, and meeting new people. From John Stuart Mill philosophical perspective, Mill describes utilitarianism as actions that satisfy the greater good (others). Mill’s theory is, “that the actions a... ... middle of paper ... ...d to children because they learned what is right from wrong. Therefore, Gilligan would justify that Monique’s actions are ethical. From Emmanuel Kant’s philosophical perspective, Monique would suffer consequences due to her stealing the snacks. Stealing is disobeying the rules and a wrongful action. There are no exceptions by stealing snacks to survive. Kant would say there are other ways she could have obtained food. The consequences that she would face is getting in trouble by the staff members and her mother. If the staff members find out that the reason to why Monique is not eating at home, then they will take to a higher authority, and separate the mother from her daughter. From Carol Gilligan, she can sympathy for her stealing snacks to survive and would say her actions are ethical. They may try to help Monique find a way to have three course meals in a day.

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