Are Guns Really Safe? Essay

Are Guns Really Safe? Essay

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Are guns really safe?
The subject of gun control has in the recent past become one of the issues that have elicited a variety of reactions from the entire American public. In as far as the American public is concerned it is a subject that has had both criticism and support in equal measure. The critics of this topic point to the belief that when violence involving guns arises, it is not guns that kill people but it is people that kill people (Lott 12). On the other hand, those people who support the subject of gun control argue that when people possess guns it leads individuals to engage in violence which is as a result of the feeling of power of others. They also hold that if it happened that guns were eliminated from the public domain, the rate of violence and death would decrease markedly in the country. Granted, Americans are faced with a never ending problem of street violence.
These streets are the same ones where an elderly person is attacked and beaten up for their social security checks, it’s the same place that teenage gang members kill each other battling for territory where they sell their illegal merchandise, and it is in these same streets that women and girls are attacked and raped (Spitzer 23). In addition to this, young children constantly find themselves caught in the way of bullets when drive way shootings occur. All this can be attributed to the unparalleled increase in gun ownership in the country. Citing these unwanted violent occurrences involving guns, gun control measures certainly need to be implemented. In this paper, I will highlight the reasons why it is imperative that gun control laws and measures are enacted to stem the ever increasing cases of violence.
Throughout the world, America has the highes...

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...te citizen killed a criminal using a firearm (Donohue 65). Comparing this to the eight thousand two hundred and seventy five criminal gun homicides paints the real picture of the rate at which people are increasingly using guns to commit crime than for self-defense and protection.
In conclusion, even though the debate about gun ownership is one that is unlikely to subside any time soon, it is important that each and every one of us pause and think about the consequences that would arise in case guns fell in the wrong hands. The carnage would be unfathomable. It is okay if upright and law adhering citizens were to own guns but proper gun control measures should be enacted in order to prevent individuals who are not fit to be in possession of weapons from accessing them. Gun control is not only a necessity but also a requirement not only in the US but the entire world.

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