Essay on The Application Of Active Directory

Essay on The Application Of Active Directory

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In our day today life network plays a very crucial role in order to make our tasks easier. In the windows domain network Microsoft has developed directory services which is known as ACTIVE DIRECTORY, almost all the windows server comes up with in build services and processes as the part of their operating system.
In the Active directory the data is stored in an hierarchical way as same that in the case of data which is stored in file system
In the Active directory even though the data is stored in hierarchical manner the data is represented in the form of rows and columns in database.
In the Active directory all the entries are represented in the form of objects .they are so many objects present in AD. and objects must be stored in a unique way so that each object is different and easy to identify and locatable as well.
The objects are classified into two types namely containers and non-containers.the administrator can modify and extend objects when he is necessary but once created object cannot be removed or deleted , it only can be deactivated.
As there are millions of objects in the active directory a distinguished name is used for each object as reference from its parent container . Generally in AD each object consists of only one entity but in some cases the object consists of other object. In AD security principals are used to assign security identifiers.
Implementation of Active directory
Active directory implementation depends upon various types of scenarios, it is done in different ways in different type of organizations. organizations are mainly classified into three types small, medium and large.
Now a days domain controllers are must in every organ...

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...if still it cannot find the desired IP in the record ,Lastly it asks DNS server and then DNS reply the client with desired IP address.
Coming to the various roles which are performed by the DNS include, process of converting host names into IP address is called DNS, process of converting IP address into host name is called reverse DNS ,and it also locates the mail servers and it also locates domain controllers and global servers.
Coming to the concept of zones it is the collection of hierarchical domain names. DNS server consists of forward lookup zones and reverse lookup zones . Each zones has their own record of resources .process of mapping host name to IP address come under forward lookup zone and the process of mapping IP address to host name come under reverse lookup zone. Actually DNS zones are stored in the database or the file of the Active directory.

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