Appearance Of An Individual 's Appearance Essay

Appearance Of An Individual 's Appearance Essay

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Appearance in Society
Since the beginning of time people all over the world have been judged based on their appearance. Based solely on the color of their skin, quality of clothing, body weight, or even hair texture, people experienced different treatment by the same people experiencing different results. Society has created a standard for an individual’s appearance. This standard allows society to believe that the looks of a person should influence their treatment by others. This standard expectation ultimately corrupts individuals mentally, emotionally and physically.
In today’s society it is not okay to look different. No two people look exactly alike, not even twins. Everyone has differences separating them from the next person. Worldwide issues such as discrimination and racism only rely on the color of a person’s skin. Racists and those who discriminate against people due to their skin color have closed off the opportunity to experience the character of that said individual. First handily knowing the treatment of someone because of their color can discourage them. This discouragement from racial discrimination can cause low self-esteem and depression. The occurrence of racial discrimination in a person’s life can affect their motivation towards academic education this directly changes the development of the success of the individual (Tynes).
Social media plays a gigantic role in the society of the 21st century. People of all ages use apps or websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram to communicate with people all over the world. New apps such as Hot or Not was created for people to upload pictures of themselves and have their appearance evaluated by complete strangers. Engaging in activities such as t...

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...ear of having society on their back. A human being should be a human being no matter how much they weight or how long their hair is. Society standard for beauty has caused people to commit suicide and led the to sicknesses such as bulimia or anorexia. Mental body dysfunctions do not just happen at the snap of a finger these horrible things are a long tired process that become eventful because society has become blind to the damage it is causing.
This world needs to reflect on what it is doing. Consider how media is teaching children that they need to be. Pay attention to how kids these days are perceiving their bodies and how they should be treated. If people all over the world from all types of backgrounds, skin colors, hair texture, heights, and weights came together and focused on the issue at hand change can come to the surface and change lives more positively.

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