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200 Apaches massacred, 100 more murdered, and 148 laying dead at Chihuahua Mexico, was something the Chiricahua Apache tribe, and many other tribes, lived through on a regular basis (Hoxie 1).  All of the previously mentioned, in addition to wars and being parted from their own land, were some of the consequences due to a country seeking to expand and conquer new territory, regardless of what or who they had to eliminate in order to accomplish this goal.  However, if Americans would have taken a more peaceful path in order to conquer the land of the Natives, if there would have been respect and honesty, and the many treaties made would have been honored, then these massacres would have been prevented and it would have been a dramatically different story.  Chiricahua Chief, Cochise, was one of the few people to realize that peace was the only way his people and the people around him could survive (Hoxie 1).  Honesty and respect was his method to come to an agreement. If more people had followed his example, what we know now as the "Indian Wars", would probably be known as the "Indian Compromises".  Events during that time were mostly responsible for all the chaos.  America was becoming more industrialized and new settlers were moving in to the "free" land.  The Apache were outnumbered and outgunned by these settlers.  Soon the Chiricahua found themselves on land that was not good, otherwise known as reservations.  The natives, including Chief Cochise, did not agree with this, and they let everyone know by rebelling and killing many new settlers. After a long struggle, the Chief gave his first step towards peace by giving the "We Will Remain at Peace with Your People Forever" speech on March 20, 1872 in Canada Alamosa, New Mexico. T...

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