Anti Semitism : The Struggle Of Survival Essays

Anti Semitism : The Struggle Of Survival Essays

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Marr felt that Anti- Semitism was once thought to be due to religious proposes but it was really motivated by the struggle of survival. Marr thought that the Jewish community had the right to hate Europeans due to them being taken from their homeland and enslaved. Marr also feels that this hate has grown stronger due to years of oppression. Marr felt that due to their anger they use their inborn skills to gain power in Germany and other societies. In Marr’s writings he talks about how the only reasons the Jews were able to have power in Germany was because the Germans did not have a national culture, the Germans did not have and kind of German nationality or any kind of German national pride.
Marr does give credit to the Jews for giving Germany economic growth. Marr fear that due to certain traits the Jews had, Germans could lose the battle against the Jews. Marr writes about how the Jews were gifted with the idea of realism, while the German people had the idea of idealism. Due to these different views of life Marr felt that Jews looked down on Germans intellectually. Marr talks about how the Germans lack the drive the Jews had and if German kept the same mindset than they would forever be slaves to the Jews. Marr did not hate the Jews he felt as if it was a war going on between Jews and Germans and that the German people were losing. Out of all the group of people that have moved into Germany, the Jews were the only group that remained foreign among the Germans.
Marr wrote about how Jews were powerful and that they will remain powerful and that the Germans would be at the mercy of the Jews when it is all said and done. Marr felt that an anti-Jewish attitude is something the German people needed because it would make a powerful ...

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...t important reasoning that led to Hitler 's rise in Germany. Hitler opposed the Treaty of Versailles, it referred to the people that signed it as “November Criminals”. Hitler played on the German people’s hate of the treaty to help him with his election. Hitler reminded the people of parts of the treaty the German people despised. Hitler promised the people that if he was elected then he would refuse to abide by the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler told the people of German that if he was elected then he would take back the “stolen” land the Allies gained in the treaty, and he would also build up the military. Even though, the Treaty of Versailles did not have a long term outcome on German politics, it was did get Nazi party going. It was short of doubt that if there was no hatred to fuel Hitler, in the case of the Treaty of Versailles, he would never have come to power.

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