Essay on The Announcement: Magic Johnson and HIV

Essay on The Announcement: Magic Johnson and HIV

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The documentary The Announcement was mostly about the era in which Magic Johnson lived and explained how HIV victims were perceived at the time (2012). America had a "plague" scare about AIDS in the 1980s when all this broke out which really a great deal to make people reflect on their "free-wheeling" sexual ways and social interactions and relationships. Today in 2014, people are still advised to talk openly with potential sexual partners and even get tested before having sex because AIDS is still very much alive and well in the world and in America. The documentary dived into social factors and also the stigma and ignorance that to this day persists whenever HIV issues arise. The documentary attempts to pull apart some of the fear and reality that Americans have about this disease of the immune system (2012). The stigma of AIDS patients and HIV positive people still exists but armed with knowledge America can all move ahead with a positive approach and not go alienating the very ones who Americans may know or love and who need them the most. In the early years of this disease people Americans were dieing because Americans knew so little about this disease, but now Americans know a great deal and people are living fairly normal lives because of certain treatments. A lot of credit should be given to Magic Johnson for this.
Homophobia was rampant, because those dying in the early years were almost all gay men, which is NOT so true nowadays; and lifestyle choice because a lot of intravenous drug users also can develop HIV and AIDS (Julie). It's a blood transmission disease; and condom use because unless you know 100% and see the test results of both yourself and your partner, you are still taking a risk with your life if you h...

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