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Anna is a 23-year-old woman who wants to give birth to a premature baby who is diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome while she has not yet graduated from university. She does not have any immediate family to help her and she may also have to drop out of university if the baby survives. Due to her personal circumstances, Dr. Brown insists on not providing medical treatment and allowing the infant to die naturally after birth. In Anna’s situation, Dr. Brown’s suggestion is based on his opinion of what he thinks is best for both the mother and baby. Dr. Brown feels as though Anna is making a poor decision and that her actions will be putting her education and potential strengths at stake and the baby may suffer from further impairments. Although Anna understands the responsibilities, she claims that she has the resources to raise her baby despite the child growing up severely impaired. Anna is optimistic and values the life of a human regardless of disabilities. Although Anna demonstrates these character traits, Dr. Brown is discouraged by the baby’s poor prognosis. Anna has multiple possible courses of action that include providing the infant with medical treatment or allowing her baby to die. I think Anna ought to save the baby through the use of medical treatment despite the risks and responsibilities.
The action that I disagree with is the action proposed by the physician, Dr. Brown. The moral theory that applies to Dr. Brown’s perspective is utilitarianism. Mill developed two characterizations of the principle of utility, known as “The Greatest Happiness Principle” (Collier & Haliburton, 2015, p. 9). The first characterization states that actions are only right if they promote happiness; however, they are wrong if they promote the opp...

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..., Anna’s decision is more morally justified. Virtue ethics takes emotion into consideration in two different ways. Emotions give individuals the reason to be virtuous, which means living well, and, therefore, happy. “Doing the right thing also means doing what we want to do” (Collier & Haliburton, 2015, p. 29). Anna wanted to save her baby in order to raise her child despite all the risks, and because she wanted to do this, she did the right thing on consenting to treatment. The second way is that virtue ethics does not only appear on certain days, but in everyday lives. Due to this, people are able to differentiate the special relationships between certain individuals. Anna is an example of a virtuous parent because she may not have the same perspective towards another in comparison to her own because a particular relationship has been acknowledged between the two.

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