Animal, Vegetable, Miserable By Gary Steiner And ' Two Ways A Woman Can Get Hurt : Advertising

Animal, Vegetable, Miserable By Gary Steiner And ' Two Ways A Woman Can Get Hurt : Advertising

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Violence is an action in which a person causes bodily harm towards someone in order to hurt them or even kill them. The society that we have today seems to disregard the uprising of cruelty towards animal and women, physically or mentally, putting their well beings aside because it does not seem like a problem people want to get their hands on. No consideration is taken towards the two victims, animals and women, who are objectified in the passages, “Animal, Vegetable, Miserable” by Gary Steiner and “Two ways a woman can get hurt: Advertising and Violence” by Jean Kilbourne. Hostile actions will always be a part of women 's lives and animals because they have been victimized earning them a certain label, unimportant. More attention needs to be brought upon the issues of the objectified which in this case are women and animals.
Gary Steiner’s passage, “Animal, Vegetable, Miserable”, gives the reader a vegan viewpoint on how people in society seem to view animals and what their stance are on the issue of eating them. Steiner is pointing out that animals do suffer in the process of getting murdered because they will always be targets and are defenseless towards the hostile ways of humans. We live in “meat-crazed society” like Steiner states where it is normal to eat meat and not think twice about it. Coming from a family who eats meats on the daily I became accustomed to seeing a piece of meat on my plate. One day I came across a video called, “Meet your Meat”, where they gave me an inside look on how cows, chicken, and pigs in particular were treated right before being slaughtered and how they were packed onto trucks. In the video workers would throw, kick, and hang the animals on machines as if it was nothing. While packed on tru...

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...ecause they have become accustomed to what society expects from them and how to act towards the norm. There is a connection with Steiners and Kilbourne 's passage and how they know that there will be little to no change towards those who are objectified because people have their own beliefs. Since humans have been accustomed to think a certain way due to media, differentiating from what is correct or incorrect, little change will suddenly be present. No one can change their ways all of a sudden because it is difficult to think about an opinion you once had and change it. Nowadays nothing seems to be off limits because as long as it is business that is all that matters. If money is in the picture then the welfare of those victimized is nonexistent. Humans need to know what happens behind closed doors and know that it is evident some people or animals are objectified.

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