Animal Slaughtering : An Ethical Thing Essay examples

Animal Slaughtering : An Ethical Thing Essay examples

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Slaughtering Practices
Temple Grandin once said, “I think using animals for food is an ethical thing to do, but we 've got to do it right. We 've got to give those animals a decent life and we 've got to give them a painless death. We owe the animal respect” (Quotes). This quote is one of the countless quotes by Temple Grandin; after her many years of work in slaughter houses and with animals. Everything that happens to animals by humans must be done in a humane and safe way. Farmers are working every single day to make sure all animal slaughtering is done in the most humane matter. In the United States slaughtering practices have strict regulations and many experts like Temple Grandin are advocating for the animals.
(Regulations have been set by the government to help insure humane and safe slaughtering practices for the benefit of the consumer.) According to the Government Publishing Office, in 1979 an act went through the 95th Congress to regulate humane slaughtering of animals (web). This act was called the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act of 1978 (GPO. Web). The purpose of the act states the following, “To require that meat be inspected and approved under such act be produced only from livestock slaughtering in accordance with humane methods, and for other purposes,” (GPO. Web). Meaning that the main purpose of this act was to make sure that every animal be slaughtered in the most humanely way possible. The act also summarizes that to prevent inhumane slaughtering of livestock a government approved inspector must be present during the slaughtering of animals (GPO. Web). According to the Congressional Research Service, “there are approximately 6,200 federally inspected meat and poultry slaughtering and processing est...

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...r cruel. The ritual could be something very simple, such as a moment of silence. In addition to developing better designs and making equipment to insure the humane treatments of all animals, that would be my contribution,” (Quotes). She herself recognizes that there is a problem in agriculture and is working to help solve those problems.
In the United States slaughtering practices have strict regulations and many experts like Temple Grandin are advocating for the animals. Slaughtering in the United States has been known to be inhumane and unsafe. Experts like the USDA and Temple Grandin have been working very hard to insure to the American people, that our slaughter houses are humane and safe. In conclusion, some farms may think they are above the law but each and every day the United States Department of Agriculture, is putting a stop to the harmful and inhumane

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