Animal Rights: Animal Experimentation Essay

Animal Rights: Animal Experimentation Essay

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Animal experimentation is the use of non-human animals in experiments. Animal experimentation also known as animal testing had established way back into the second century A.D. A Roman physician, named Galen started to perform endless animal experiments. (Safer Medicines.) On the other hand, the first major animal experiments occurred in the nineteenth century. Luis Pasteur administered anthrax to sheep. Anthrax is a bacterial disease that affects the skin and lungs in sheep and cattle, so Pasteur was responsible for this bacterial disease in these animals. Another man known as Ivan Pavlov conducted experiments on dogs and tested how their memory works with repetitive tasks. (Murnaghan)
In 1922, there was a breakthrough in animal experiments. Animal testing was now allowed to perform kidney dialysis, and “life-saving” treatments, on animals. Primate labs were now constructed to test on animals in a whole new diverse way. Animals were often given potent drugs such as cancer to see how they reacted to them and to see what was similar and different on how they reacted compared to humans. (Murnaghan)
In 1996, many doctors tried to clone sheep. Although, you would think animal testing would have stopped with their many unresolved treatments. Unfortunately, animal experimentation continued and peaked in the 1980’s. They only began to start testing cosmetics on animals when a woman had an incident while using her mascara, her mascara had went “awry” which in the end left her blind. (Murnaghan) The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) passed a law “The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.” Which allowed doctors to now test cosmetics on animals.
Unfortunately, animal testing also known as animal experimentation still c...

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... many?
Every day you can make a difference for animals who are currently suffering in labs, millions of animals are poisoned and killed for products like lipsticks, deodorant, soap, and toothpaste, etc. One of the many ways you can help is to shop cruelty-free, look for bunny logos on products that you buy. Another way is to join campaigns who are against animal testing, and to donate money. Also adopt animals and give them a loving home. (Animals Are Not Ours To Experiment On)

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